Trust the Process

Race:  Chaos
Coach:  Jeff
co-coach:  Tim
Shifting the paradigm towards a collaborative future though changing the game with a spirit of communication and data analytics.

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Oct. 7th, 2018
EULA and You: A partnership for all time
Just a friendly reminder folks when you play Trust the Process you play by the rules. This INCLUDES signing our End User License Agreement, which is there to protect your team almost as much as it protects our rights to our proprietary Blood Bowl content. You don't want to have to go through the boring old league office to resolve a dispute instead of AMAZING second party arbitration by the fair and impartial folks and Steff Jeege PLC (Steff Jeege PLC is a wholly own subsidiary of Jeff Steege Media LLC), an experience of a lifetime! Of course you don't that's like shopping at, and you're not some Web 1.0 grandpa. Just remember, " When you sign, everything will be fine."

- Jeff
Aug. 30th, 2018 - old news
ProcessCoin: The 3DieBlockChain Technolo
Trust the Process is very excited to share it's newest venture into Blood Bowl, the blockchain powered ProcessCoin. It's so simple and amazing that you will never be able to play Blood Bowl the old fashion Web 1.0 way again, the is truly Web 6.5, paradigm shifting, DISRUPTION! Whenever you throw multiple blocks on the same player in succession (a blockchain) you have a chance to generate ProcessCoins. Once you do that it's all very simple from there.

1.Generate ProcessCoin
2.Trade those for McGuffinBucks
3.Exchange those for SparklePoints
4.Harness those and social media for VaporTokens

(LEGAL DISCLAIMER: By reading this you agree that all spp, money or anything of value generated in the creation or attempted creation of ProcessCoin becomes property of Trust the Process a wholey own subsidiary of Jeff Steege Media LLC)
- Jeff
May 14th, 2018 - old news
Exceeding ALL Possible Expectations
Trust the Process has completed thier first "game" and it was thrilling content. I'm sure that everyone is familiar with MONEYBALL the concept of correctly valuing undervalued assests. Most can see the value in touchdowns and casualties, but only the most truly paradigm shifting visionary Jedi Ninjas can see that LOSSES are way undervalued; and we plan to maximize our exposure to this resource. Truly mind blowing dataanalysisanalytics is our most valued resource behind our employees who our are best friends because they are GREAT MENOTORS to our company and to the planet.

- Jeff
Tournaments played:
CHC Season 25
Playing in:
CHC Season 26
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Trust the Process
EULA and You: A partnership for all time
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